Retro Party Erfurt 2010

Short video-snippets from the Retro Party in Erfurt.

It was friday, 12th of november 2010 when Klanggerüst e.V. organized their retro party at Klanggerüst-Villa, supported by Retro-Magazine. A mixture of 8-/16-Bit-gaming and chiptunes-live.acts. The following machines could be played: NES, C64, KC85, Atari 2600, MasterSystem, Atari 7800, MSX(2), ColecoVision, Interton VC4000, MB Vectrex, Intellivion, SNES, MegaDrive, Amiga. KTHX and greetings to PLUSH.
Video by d!RT!E/moodsplateau


* Timescratch (Leipzig)

* Bikecore (Tel Aviv/Weimar)

* HoppiTronic (Apolda)

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